Combining HATEOAS APIs with Ember Data

Our latest project at the Turing School involved building Up to the Tweet, a news service that combines the top stories from the New York Times »

Improving's Event Recommendations

Over the past two weeks I built a personal project with the goal of improving's event recommendation functionality. If you look at the events »

Javascript in Terms of Ruby

When learning a new programming language, it's often times easy to confuse the syntax of other languages you know. Those of us at the Turing School »

Building an IdeaBox

Last week I built a web app using Sinatra following the Turing School tutorial for building an IdeaBox. The main objective was to create a website »

Building an Object Relational Mapper

Our third project Turing School of Software and Design involved building Sales Engine. This project has been valuable in improving my understanding of: test-driven development and »